About Me

Evgeny Yakimov

Hello! My name is Evgeny Yakimov, and I am a technology enthusiast. I both love learning about all the cool new things tech and getting to play with them to create and innovate, both at work and in my free time. This covers everything from programming, tools, anything cloud, the many Raspberry Pis I have lying around my house or even my RepRap 3d printer. I spend most of my time either fiddling around with tech both for work and at home.

I am originally from Russia but grew up in Britan and am currently living in London with my wife Katherine and our two cats. We love travelling to the Lake District to take in the scenery and disconnect from the world. To unwind, I also like to play some Factorio, as well as a generous mix of PS4 and Netflix with the occasional social interaction to keep me human.

I’ve been playing with tech since as early as I can remember (Big Track. I think). I eventually found my passion in software engineering on a journey that started with Visual Basic 6 and PHP (yea I know…) to C++, Python and some JavaScript. I’ve especially enjoyed the bridge to the physical world through Arduino and assembling my own 3d printer.

I am currently working as a for Bloomberg LP in the London office, initially as a software engineer but now transitioned to an SRE. I spend a large portion of my time advocating for an SRE culture shift within engineering as well as applying SRE principles to real-time trading systems.

I’m always happy to talk about all things SRE including SLI/SLO, distributed tracing, provisioning as well as anything you find on this site. Feel free to reach out by email (or contact) or via LinkedIn.

About EvDev


I decided to start EvDev so that I can share my adventures as I explore and experiment with new tech as well as what I chose to make of it. I hope you find my experience on these tech escapades insightful, engaging and ultimately as enjoyable as I have.

As you have probably already figured out the name EvDev comes from my name Evgeny and Software Development.

This blog will aim to explore the various topics of cloud, containerisation, tracing, reliability and any miscellaneous problems that I find along the way. I may also occasionally delve into non-technical subjects such as agile methodology or organisational change.

Feel free to join in the discussion by posting a comment or sending me a message.